About Me

I own a digital SLR, but I prefer to shoot with anything other than my DSLR (ie. iPhone, 35mm, Medium and Large Format). What do I like to shoot? People. That is, I like portraiture as well as food, documentary, fine art, street, and event photography.  I also love motion/video photography. I volunteered many of my years at Studio P as a studio camera operator and technical director.

I am a classically trained violinist (That is weird for me to write) and I majored in instrumental music my first few years of college. I love music performance as part of a production. My first production performance was Swan Lake in high school. Sitting in the pit with the dancers on stage was so amazing. In college it was even better! Street Scene and Don Giovanni were my favorites. After college I... wait, this isn't my music resume. Sorry. Beyond that, I might be really good at Name That Tune because I remember melodies and lyrics. Oh, and I find myself imitating rappers often. (You don't want to hear that)

Social Media
If it is social and media related, I want to try it out at least once. 

Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, Myspace, OnSugar, BlackPlanet, (crap. that other one before things became graphic),um...Youtube, Vimeo, Flickr, SmugMug, Blogger, Wordpress.com, forums, AOL/Yahoo/Google chat, the list goes on and on.

I like to interact via the web. It works well for the introvert in me. I'm with people when I want to be and then you all magically disappear when I need my alone time.
Teaching and Learning
I love learning new things and I love sharing what I know. I am not one to pontificate because that's just plain rude. Besides, if I'm not listening to what you are saying, how can I possibly counter your argument?  Oh, wait. I think I just threw my love of debate into my teaching and learning section.

I consider myself a city explorer. In 2009, I trekked across the country to LA road trip style. Since then, I have wanted to do it again and again. For now, I happily travel up and down the east coast. My current favorite place to explore is New York, and I think I'm going to end up exploring Canada one day.

I like food. I LOVE food. I LOVE to photograph food. 

Food creation is like magic to me. I am constantly watching the Food Network in amazement of how those separate ingredients turn into tasty food with just a little mixing. 

I would be a food critic if I had the ability to convert tastes into words and if I wasn't a picky eater. Do you remember the original Iron Chef show? I would NEVER eat that food.

Hm... So, maybe I don't LOVE food. Maybe I just like eating things that taste good. 

Architecture/Interior Design/Fashion
Being the visual creature that I am, I admire architecture and excellent interior design. I also like watching construction workers work, but that's something else entirely and stems from watching Fraggle Rock as a kid. Anyway, I love fashion as an art form. All of these things involve creating and building and result in a visual outcome. I can dig that.

Commodore 64...BASIC...blah, blah, blah...
COBOL, HTML, CSS, Python, so on and so forth... 
SQL,VBA, so on and so forth... 
Apple Fan Girl (iMac, iPod, iPhone, iPad)
Gaming Consoles...Sega, SNES, Xbox, Wii
MS Office (including Access and Publisher)
IEX, Blue Pumpkin, ASPECT, Avaya, Call Routing - I threw in a little workforce management software for your reading pleasure.
I'm sure there's more, but does it really matter?

I love books and magazines. If I could live in a Barnes and Noble I would. My love of books probably comes from growing up in the local library. What do I read? Ask me about my GoodReads account.

Uh, does this require further explanation?